As an advertising intern at Slingshot, you'll get hands-on experience. If you’re interested in an internship where you actually create something, work hard, and learn a ton, then continue reading. The Slingshot Internship is an opportunity to gain experience within the ad industry. You will participate in every aspect of a campaign from client interest to execution. The 10-week program is similar to an entry-level position at the agency, but with a little more learning and guidance. You will even have a mentor to offer nuggets of wisdom and insight along the way. The projects for each position will differ as the client work changes, but the uniting factor is the Intern Project.

Summer Internships are still available in the following areas:

Art Direction


Job Requirements: Essentially we are looking for students with a great attitude and a willingness to learn. Qualified candidates are those who are passionate about a career in Advertising.

Pay: Interns are paid $10 per hour.